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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Old tights (pantyhose if you're American)

I'm not having the best week... First my camera breaks, then I get a warning light come up on my car, then my phone stops working and to top it all off, I get a ladder in my tights! It got me thinking though, there MUST be a use for old tights so I did a teeny bit of research and found this; 20 extraordinary uses for old pantyhose! My favourite from the list is no.14 but none of these top this idea:

How to make Grass Heads 
1. Cut off the legs of an old pair of tights
2. Put a spoonful of grass seed and then a large handful of compost in each leg
3. Tie off as tight as you can
4. Pull out a section of the tights (with some compost in it) and tie with thread to make the nose
5. Add buttons or stickers for eyes
6. Place in a cup of water on a windowsill and keep damp
7. Watch your Grass Heads grow!

I used to love these when I was younger! TN xxx

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  1. Ha and lets not forget, you can use them as stockings to put your kids presents in a xmas time....having a pair of my mums old tights stuffed with presents was my morning highlight. xx