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Monday, 9 January 2012

Cleaning... and DIY


So, as the title may suggest I spent most of the weekend cleaning, clearing and generally getting those niggling jobs done around the house. I like to comfort myself with the fact that although I spent quite a bit of time doing said things, I saved a bit of cash doing them myself rather than getting a handy man in!

My most proud achievement was fitting a new blind in my kitchen. I know it may sound odd for a girl in her 20's (ok, in her late 20's... when did that happen?!), but a few of years ago I asked for tools as a birthday present. They've been invaluable and helped me do so much on my own for a fraction of the cost of getting a handyman in. A decent set of screwdrivers costs about £30 whereas a handyman would charge that for about 20mins work! I know that not everyone is cut out for the DIY game but you don't know unless you give it a try! B&Q do a handy set of online guides for those of you who are tempted; just click here!

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