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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Free food...

Hey all,

After having a conversation with a colleague yesterday on how pleasant it would be to "just live off the land like our ancestors did", I was reminded of a documentary I'd seen on a lady who called herself an "urban forager". Instead of buying all her food from boring old supermarkets, she'd find alternatives growing within the town she lived in! I couldn't find a link to said documentary but I did find this site instead! http://www.eatweeds.co.uk/

I'm not sure I quite fancy eating snails from my garden (apparently the big brown garden snails were introduced to Britain by the Romans purely for eating but a few escaped an multiplied!) but I think I may give this Dandelion Salad recipe a go when spring arrives. Is that weird?

TN xxx

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  1. Thats a really good idea about the left over wine ice cubes!!! I also throw it away if its too faul to drink.... xx

  2. 'also'!! duh, I meant 'always' x